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Country Preacher Gone South

PastorRayandRobinWe were called here to Grace Bible over sixteen years ago to become Pastor. A place I had dreamed about but never really believed it was possible of ministering in SUNNY Florida. Especially growing up in the north where we had four seasons, “Frosty, Cold, Bitter Cold and Extreme Cold.”
My wife, Robin, and I will have been married for forty-four years in June and in the ministry, forty-four years as well. Those early years serving as Youth Pastor and Assistant Pastor from Michigan to Wyoming back to Michigan, to Pennsylvania.  The Lord then led us to accept the position of Senior Pastor in Michigan, to Indiana and now here in Florida.  We have one daughter, Richelle, who is married to a wonderful Christian man, Brian Carr, living in Texas.
The ministry here at Grace Bible is a wonderful delight each day for the people are loving, caring and willing to serve together. They truly have “Discovered the Joy of the Lord.”
Come meet this country preacher that has gone south. As the bumper sticker on my jeep says, “I wasn’t raised in the south but got here as soon as I could.”
Pastor Ray Herriman


Carry on the Heritage

 Like most kids growing up in northern Michigan, I grew up on a farm in an old farm house.  Well, sort of … When I was about 4, my parents decided that they would build a new house and move the old farm house across the road for my Uncle Franklin.  This was very exciting to me because I was going to have my own room!  Also, I got to watch the whole process – from foundation to roof.
As that house needed a good foundation to last through the years, a new Christian needs a good foundation on which to build his Christian life.
One way of building that firm foundation is to study the Word of God.  In doing so, you learn the truth of your salvation experience, what is needed for spiritual growth, the privileges and duties of being a child of God, as well as the important truths God speaks of.  This is such a wonderful heritage that has been passed on to us from our heavenly father.  However, that comes with a responsibility of carrying it on to the next generation.
Just as a runner passes on the torch to the next in the Olympic Games, you must pass on the torch of God’s truth, which you have received.  It’s up to you to take this heritage and carry on.  (2 Timothy 2:1, 2)
Pastor Ray Herriman

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