Small Groups

Small Groups

We have decided to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior along with like minded friends and family members, enjoying each others companionship and fellowship. We range from young to old, long time Christian, new Christian and not yet Christians with many questions, problems, difficulties and looking for answers.
For these reasons we have started small group Bible Studies to cover a wide area of instruction from God’s Word and leading of the Holy Spirit. As Larry Crabb, author of the “Safest Place on Earth” says “we need to turn our chairs toward each other and pour out the life in our hearts into our brothers and sisters and to let them pour into us.”
Along with our Children/Youth Ministries, we have Adult Bible Studies.
  • Women’s Morning Bible Study at 10:00AM on Tuesdays.
  • Women’s Evening Bible Study at 7:00PM on Thursdays.


There are three definite purposes for which one should read the Bible.  The first is to study or analyze the scripture to learn who God is, what He has done and how He has dealt with people and circumstances in the past and His plans and purposes for now and the future.  To do this properly, scrutiny must be given to each word in order that the full beauty and depth of the precious Word might be grasped.  The second purpose is for devotion, using the scripture as an application to your present spiritual life.  This is simply reading a portion and asking yourself, “How does this apply to me in my daily life?”  The third purpose is for information, historical or spiritual, when you want to know what the Bible says in regard to a certain Biblical person, place or thing.
Therefore you should read and study the Scriptures (II Timothy 2:15) in order that you might grow in the knowledge of Christ and know what His will is for your life.

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